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There are 25 categories including law, marketing, aviation, medicine and more that pay 6 figure salaries or more. You can easily be a part of this elite group if you just learn how to market yourself properly and find the best job offers available. Luckily the 100K Job Finder website has the perfect database of employers and jobs that you will soon be able to apply for. The statistics also show that even without a college degree, there are over 35 jobs in which you can earn a high salary. The great thing about applying for 100K jobs is that there are not many people applying.

In the United States we have narrowed down the top 20 highest paying jobs and the list might not be what you expect. You would expect actors and athletes to be on that list, but in fact these jobs do not even make it into the top 25. The medical profession accounts for most of the top 20. Here are the top 20 best paying jobs in the United States according to the US Labor Department:

  1. Top Surgeon – You earn about $181,850 per year
  2. Anesthesiologist – $174,610
  3. OB/GYN – $174,610
  4. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon – $169,600
  5. Internist – $156,790
  6. Prosthodontist – $156,710
  7. Orthodontist –  $153,240
  8. Psychiatrist – $151,380
  9. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) – $140,880
  10. Engineering manager – $140,210
  11. Pediatrician – $140,000
  12. Family or general practitioner – $137,980
  13. Other physician/surgeon – $137,100
  14. Airline Pilot – $134,090
  15. Dentist – $132,660
  16. Podiatrist – $111,130
  17. Lawyer – $110,590
  18. Dentist, any other specialist – $106,040
  19. Air traffic controller – $100,430
  20. Computer and information systems manager – $100,110

These jobs all require years of training at a university or specialized college. If you want to earn a lot of money without spending huge amounts of money or time studying, here are the top 20 best paying jobs you can get without a degree:

  1. Funeral home director – $79,517
  2. Operations manager – $77,839
  3. Industrial production manager – $73,000
  4. Transportation manager – $72,662
  5. Storage and distribution manager – $69,898
  6. Computer technical support specialist – $67,689
  7. Gaming manager – $64,880
  8. First-line supervisor or Manager of police and detectives – $64,430
  9. Nuclear power reactor operator – $64,090
  10. Computer specialist – $59,480
  11. Non-retail supervisors and managers – $59,300
  12. Nuclear technician – $59,200
  13. First-line supervisors or managers of fire fighting and prevention worker – $58,920
  14. Real estate broker – $58,720
  15. Elevator installer and repairer – $58,710
  16. Sales representative (various products) – $58,580
  17. Dental hygienist – $59,790
  18. Radiation therapist – $57,700
  19. Nuclear medicine technologist – $56,450
  20. Power plant distributor or dispatcher – $57,330

These jobs offer something interesting and exciting that many other jobs don’t and besides that you can also earn a wonderful salary in any country in the world. While these jobs are the top in the US, many of them are also top in other countries and the great thing about getting jobs without a degree, is that you can pretty much apply for them anywhere. If you have always wanted to travel and work in one of the top paying industries, then working overseas could be the best option for you.

In the medical professional for example, there are so many opportunities that wait overseas, and most countries would be more than happy to have a surgeon, OBGYN, radiation therapist, dental hygienist, or psychiatrist from the United States working there. You can find wonderful positions that pay really well in other countries like Canada, Australia, and England.

Making the Correct High Paying Career Choice

Some of the top paying salaries overseas are also found in industries where there is a major demand for services. Nursing, teaching English, engineering, information technology, and construction all pay high salaries overseas depending on the company you work for, how much experience you have, and where you work. The salary you can make also depends largely on the state of the economy. With jobs like real estate brokers, your salary will only be high as long as the housing markets are good and provided that you can make sales. With the recent economic decline, the real estate industry in every country in the world is being badly affected. For example: in South Africa alone, almost 55,000 estate agents have resigned.

Making the correct choice in what profession you want to follow is just as important as how much money you can earn. If it is an unstable career choice or one where the demand can fluctuate greatly, this might not be the best option even though the salary is high. Think carefully about the career path you decide on and whether you will love it and be able to do it for a long time – don’t just think about how much money you can make.

The highest paying jobs in the United States are those that men and women of all ages can do and if you are thinking about a change of career later in life, there are options that might appeal to you. The drive and ambition that you have for working in a new career will determine whether or not you are successful, but there is definitely no shortage of job openings – you just have to know where to look, and for all the top jobs for any age and in any profession, you should keep checking 100K Job Finder and also sign up for a free 100K job newsletter.

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