Alaska Ice Road Trucker Jobs

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In Alaska, many of the jobs are dangerous such as the commercial crab fishing out in the freezing Bering Sea, but another very dangerous, yet exciting job that pays extremely well, is that of an ice road trucker. During the winter months when the oceans are frozen over, massive trucks will be crossing on a continuous basis to deliver goods and supplies. These truck drivers not only get paid a high salary, but medical insurance, disability insurance, bonus pay, and more.

The drivers work for about 4 months of the year driving over the frozen ocean, and many have been doing this for more than 20 years. You can earn a lot of money in Alaska doing this and after a while you can even start training and teaching new drivers how to work in these difficult and dangerous conditions. Aside from being able to drive safely over the ice, you will also need to learn how to fix your truck in case it breaks down on the ice, and you have to adapt to walking on the ice as well. The truckers normally carry 2 loads per day over the ice and have to travel quite slowly to prevent the ice from cracking and breaking.

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