New Oil Pipeline in North Dakota

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Over the past few years, North Dakota has been the United State’s biggest supplier of oil thanks to a huge discovery in the area from Montana, Manitoba, and Saskatchewan. This area has provided tons of oil jobs so far in the Bakken Formation, and with the new oil pipeline that has just been approved by the US State Department, this is definitely the place to be if you want to join the oil and gas industry.

The new pipeline is being built by Enbridge Energy and will run along an existing pipeline right of way. This Alberta Clipper Pipeline will have the ability to transport about 450 thousand barrels of oil per day, in addition to the 1.6 million that it already moves along the same route from Neche, through Northwestern Minnesota, and Clearbrook. This pipeline is to be built along 326 miles between the oil tar sands region of Alberta all the way to Superior in Wisconsin.

With the new pipeline, it is hoped that more jobs can be created in the area and that the oil refineries of Murphy and at Illinois can be used more frequently. The actual construction of the pipeline is being undertaken by Global Pipeline Partners which is a partnership between Precision Pipeline, US Pipeline of Houston, and Michels Corp.

There is also another pipeline being built currently. This is called Southern Light Pipeline and is about 188 miles long. Its purpose is to return the hydrocarbons and diluents from the oil refineries in the U into western Canada. The Southern Lights Pipeline will be built in two spreads, while the Alberta Clipper Pipeline will be built in four spreads. Both are projected to be complete by early 2010.

The North Dakota oil jobs that are expected to be created for the building of the pipelines exceeds 3000, which is perfect of you are involved in the oil industry and want to get a job as an engineer, driller, geologist, derrickhand,  roustabout, or a roughneck.

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