How to Tell if a Money Order is a Fake

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Scams come in all shapes and forms, but with the online world we live in today, most scammers will try to use things like online shopping and mystery shopping to scam people. Mystery shopping jobs are also a way that people, who have lost their jobs in the recession, can make money again. Scammers know this and will target people searching for jobs online and online money making schemes. One such way is through counterfeit money orders. So, how do these kinds of mystery shopping job scams work.

The targets are those who have signed up for secret shopping jobs. Using a simple website, this is how the scammers can get the email and address of the target. They are told that aside from evaluating a store and its condition, as well as the employees, they will also be told that they have to evaluate various money transfers that take place over the internet using services such as Money Gram or Western Union.

The process involves cashing a check or money order that the scammer has sent to the target, and then withdrawing the money to make purchases. These purchases will be made mainly to the scammer. These money orders and checks are fakes and there are a few ways that you can spot these before you succeed.

In the case of a money order the first way that you can notice the difference is that the color under UV lights will not change. The silver strips will simply reflect the light, whereas a real money order will have a red glow on the silver strips. Another indication of a fake money order is that the watermark of Benjamin Franklin is clearly visible. On the real money order the watermark is only visible when it is held to the light.

There is also a number that the US Postal Service has set up so that you can call to verify if the money orders are real. This number is 866-459-7822, and it will ask you to enter the serial number on your money order and some other details for verification. These counterfeit money orders are not just used for mystery shopper scams, but for making purchases on online shopping portals like eBay, so you should be very careful to check it out before shipping your goods.

If you want to learn about other mystery shopping job scams and learn how to avoid them if you want to get into the secret shopping industry, then you can visit Mystery Shopper Job Finder. Here you can also find out how to join legitimate mystery shopping companies where you will be able to earn a lot of money by just going shopping and writing reports about your experience.

Big businesses want to find out how all their branches and franchises are working to iron out any problems and to satisfy customers. This is why they hire mystery shoppers to assess all the details of the store or company including its condition, staff, products, professionalism, and many other things. If you want to become a mystery shopper, then you should not hesitate to become a member and gain access to job openings.

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